Cylinder Size Price (inc VAT)
7KG £23.00
13KG £29.00

Butane Gas

Free same day delivery to Edinburgh if ordered before 10am. No deposit required. Our butane gas cylinders use a 21mm regulator which is the same fitting as Calor and Flogas / MacGas gold bottle.

We regularly deliver to Edinburgh, Lothian and Borders and Fife.


Height: approximately 560mm

Diameter: approximately 310mm

Weight when full: approximately 26kg


7kg :

Height: approximately 495mm

Diameter: approximately 256mm

Weight when full: approximately 16kg

Butane cylinders should be stored upright in a well ventilated area that is away from any source of heat or ignition.

Butane cylinders should not be stored below ground level or in high rise flats.

46086 Btu per kg

24170 Btu per litre


13.5 kw/h per kg

7.83 kw/h per litre

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