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Why Fabricators are  Changing to Propylene?

  • SAFER. Reduced chance of flashbacks, more stable
  • 50%. Reduction in cost over Acetylene
  • 50%. Reduction in gas pressure Vs Propane… less gas
  • 80% less cylinder change outs. (1 * 10L Propylene cylinder Vs 2.5 * 10L Acetylene cylinders)
  • QUALITY CUTS – Less grinding, better joint fit-up
  • HIGHER Vapour Pressure in colder temperatures
  • FASTER Cutting Speeds – productivity improvement
  • LONGER TIP LIFE – less change out time



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What is it and what can it do?

Propylene is a blend of gases. Oxygen & Propylene burns hotter than Oxygen & Propane and can be used for Fusion Welding, Brazing, Silver Solder, Heating & Cutting


Safety Comparison:

When it comes to safety, Propylene is the industry leader. With Propylene, you have a lower chance of flashbacks and Propylene is 20 times more stable compared to Acetylene

Flammability range 2 – 11% in air 2.5 – 80% in air
Cylinder content 10L 10L
Flashback Potential Minimal Dangerous
Operating pressure 1 – 133 psi 1 – 15 psi
Gas Stability 20 * more stable Unstable
  No solvent or filler Dissolved in acetone, with filler


Gas stability issues with Acetylene prevent users from being able to increase pressure in acetylene applications i.e.(Heating)  causing insufficient pressures for heating heads resulting in dangerous flashbacks while with Propylene this is a minimal



No additional equipment required……. Simply change the Gas and the Tips…

Economical & Performance….

PROPYLENE is one of the cleanest burning, easiest to use, best performing and safest fuels available. With most products you have to pay extra to get the best, but with PROPYLENE you get this high level of quality and still save money. The average cost of PROPYLENE is typically 50% lower than the cost of acetylene. The versatility of PROPYLENE means that you only need to buy one fuel for many jobs. PROPYLENE can be used for hand cutting, machine cutting, flame hardening, metalizing, razing, soldering, welding, pre-heating and stress relieving.